Trieste welcomes the MEDCYCLETOUR project partners

The partners of the three year MEDCYCLETOUR project met on 19-20 April in Trieste, Italy for their 3rd steering committee meeting. MEDCYCLETOUR stands for “MEDiterranean Cycle route for sustainable coastal TOURism” and its focus is the development of the EuroVelo 8 – Mediterranean Route. The overall objective of this project is to promote sustainable and responsible tourism in coastal areas across the Mediterranean, using the route to influence regional and national policies. The project has a budget of €2.5 million.

The meeting was organized by the partner Friuli Venezia Giulia with the collaboration of the Andalusian region, the coordinator of the MedCycleTour project, and the ECF. There were representatives of the project’s 11 partners from 7 of the countries crossed by the EuroVelo 8: Spain, France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece and Cyprus.


During these two days, the partners reported on current projects activities and talked about project management and coordination. The agenda included presentations and bilateral discussions on the route survey and action planning, marketing and communication working group meetings (development of promotional material, GIS solution, best practices database, etc) led by ECF, discussion of future works (pilot preparation and implementation including signposting, bike+public transport, cycle friendly services and counter pilots) and first discussions on the long term management agreement of the project. Furthermore, the participants in the meeting had the opportunity to cycle along the EuroVelo 8 route in order to learn about other partners’ best practices. This 9km cycle tour was done in Trieste, from the Natural Reserve of Val Rosandra to Via Orlandini.


MECYCLETOUR is co-financed by the INTERREG MED Programme. To find out more about the MedCycleTour, please visit the project’s website. And for more information about cycling along EuroVelo 8 – Mediterranean Route, please visit !