Discovery of the French and Spanish sections of EuroVelo 8 - Mediterranean route

As cold, dark winter is setting in across much of Europe, maybe you are daydreaming about going to a warm place for the holidays by bike? Why don’t you go to the south of France or Spain to cycle along the EuroVelo 8 – Mediterranean route? If you are not convinced yet, you will be after having watched these two videos.

The French part of the EuroVelo 8 connects Perthus to Menton and is over 850km long.  In 2018 more than 300km of this bike route will be constructed and be ready to use.  To whet your appetite, la Méditerranée à Vélo developed a video of the route with cyclists talking about their experiences along the way. While watching it, we discover the diverse landscapes that this section has to offer, from the Pyrenees to the Mediterranean coast. Thanks to the locals having many years of experience in hospitality, the cyclists are always well received. Most of the section is easy to reach, with public transportations that are adapted for the cyclists. The regions that the EuroVelo 8 passes through are bike friendly which makes the experience stress free.

Another flagship destination in Southern Europe is the Andalusian section of EuroVelo 8, which runs along the region’s coast. To promote it, a video was developed in the frame of the EU Funded MedCycleTour project. This section passes through a lot of Spanish cities with rich cultural and historical heritage, including Cadiz, Malaga, Granada ... Away from the cities, visitors will cycle along the coastline, though natural parks, on beaches and paths carved into the rocks.

The landscapes of the French and Spanish sections of the EuroVelo 8 – Mediterranean route are breathtaking. The cyclist will discover the rich cultural, natural and historical heritage of these two countries in a different, sustainable and unforgettable way.