Webinar: Smart and Sustainable Mobility Measures in Tourist Destinations

Joint webinar in the framework of cooperation among CIVITAS DESTINATIONS project and MED Sustainable Tourism & Urban Transports Communities // 30th June 2020 from 12:00 to 13:30h (CET time)





This webinar brings together three big European projects dealing with the development of smart and sustainable measures in tourist destinations: two Interreg MED communities of projects on Sustainable Tourism and Urban Transports and CIVITAS DESTINATIONS project, funded by Horizon 2020.

The goal of this webinar is to share good practices on the integration of sustainable and smart mobility in tourism policy/products and to showcase some concrete examples and practical guidelines developed by those projects with a special focus on Mediterranean destinations.


Moderation: Ms Sandra de Puig, Network of European Regions for a Sustainable and Competitive Tourism (NECSTouR)

12:00-12:10h Introduction and brief overview on MED Sustainable Tourism/Urban transports Communities and CIVITAS DESTINATIONS project

·      Mr Josep Rodríguez, Barcelona Provincial Council. MED Sustainable Tourism Community Lead partner

·      Mr Panos Coroyannakis, Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions (CRPM). CIVITAS DESTINATIONS project, Director of Communications

·      Mr Oriol Barba, MedCities, Urban Transports Community, Lead partner


12:10-12:30h CIVITAS DESTINATIONS 10 practical guidelines on tourism and mobility

·      Ms Maria Stylianou Michaelidou, Manager Limassol Tourism Board

12:30-13:00h Presentation of Smart and Sustainable Mobility Measures in Tourism developed in CIVITAS DESTINATIONS

·      Mr Panos Coroyannakis, CRPM, CIVITAS DESTINATIONS project, Director of Communications

13:00-13:30h Transferring results of projects on tourism and mobility in the Mediterranean

·      Tools for the development of cycling tourism in the Mediterranean: Eurovelo 8. Ms Florence Grégoire, Eurovelo Communications Assistant, European Cyclist Federation, MEDCycletour project

·      Sustainable cruise value chain action plans. Mr Marjan Dumanić. Public Institution RERA SD for coordination and development of Split Dalmatia County, SIROCCO project

·      Bike sharing for cruise passengers, when does it work? Mr Fabio Tomasi, Area Science Park, LOCATIONS project

·      A handbook on sustainable mobility in the MED Area. Ms Valentina Ridolfi, Agenzia Piano Strategico – Rimini, MOBILITAS project



The Sustainable Tourism Community - an Interreg MED initiative co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) – relies on 24 territorial cooperation projects and almost 400 organisations (mainly public authorities, private companies, universities, NGOs and international organisations) active in 13 European countries to promote sustainable tourism by capitalizing on tools and good practices developed by its projects.

The MED Sustainable Tourism community is coordinated by DIBA - Barcelona Provincial Council (Barcelona, Spain) in partnership with UNIMED - Mediterranean Universities Union (Rome, Italy), University of Thessaly (Thessaly, Greece), Arco Latino, a network of local public authorities (Tarragona, Spain), NECSTouR - Network of European Regions or Sustainable and Competitive Tourism (Brussels, Belgium), Plan Bleu UNEP MAP, the Regional Activity Centre of Mediterranean Action Plan (Marseille, France), Adriatic and Ionian Euroregion (Pula, Croatia), RDA Green Karst Regional Development Agency (Pivka, Slovenia).


Civitas Destinations is an Horizon 2020 project that builds up an integrated approach to address mobility and tourism, testing balanced strategies to face the rising challenges of these two growing sectors and to achieve sustainable development and a better quality of life in Funchal, Limassol, Rethymno, Elba, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Valletta.

It develops a set of innovative actions in order to implement sustainable mobility measures and actions with the view to offering intelligent sustainable transport solutions for tourists and residents alike through innovation and cooperation with all major stakeholders. These solutions aim to improve urban accessibility, the cost effectiveness and integration of transport services and to reduce emissions and energy consumption.


The Urban Transports Community is an Interreg MED Programme initiative that promotes sustainable urban mobility planning across the Euro-Mediterranean region. Gathering seven territorial cooperation projects, almost 120 organisations active in twelve countries, this initiative proposes, capitalises and replicates effective and sustainable mobility solutions to reduce carbon emissions and improve the quality of life of the population and the environment.

The Urban Transports Community is featured by a project lead by MedCities  (Barcelona, Spain), in partnership with UNIMED Mediterranean Universities Union (Rome, Italy), Area Science Park (Trieste, Italy), CODATU (Lyon, France), CIVINET CY-EL (Cyprus-Greece), POLIS, Cities and Regions for transport innovation (Brussels, Belgium), and Durres Municipality.